“Understanding-To perceive and comprehend the nature and significance of; grasp.”

yes a word that is used by everyone at least once a day except the really dont understand how important the the meaning of it is and the impac it can have on things. i recently visited a site where there was an article written on why flock would never be able to replace firefox the original article can be seen here. now after reading that article i felt very angered and upset. i felt sorry for the flock developers after they put in countless days of work into flock. i dont think that the flock developers really need this and im sure they try to blow articles off just like that one. i dont know for a fact, but i dont think flock was ever meant to replace firefox at all. as they originally said before it was released, it is meant for social browsing. what social browsing is, would be blogging, adding photos online, bookmarking, and etc. this is just my assumption from the features of flock that i see. for all mac users, if you have ever seen sunrisebrowser, you know, as well as i, that that is only meant for web developers and nothing else. sure its fast and some nice features but thats all it was made for, just like flock was made for social browsing. its clear that flock is based off of firefox’s code, but so are most alternative browsers on the mac platform. im sure we all know (even if you are a windows user) that safari is the default standard web browser on a mac, well safari’s webkit is used in most alternative web browsers on the mac platform just like flock is using firefox’s. shiira is one of the best alternatives to safari and yet it uses apple’s web kit and its not getting bad press, its getting amazing press and reviews. shiira has greeat features that no other browser just like flock does. say firefox was never made and yet flock was still released using say someone elses code or they made their own, would you still dislike it then? come on people give flock a chance and look and treat it the way its supposed to be. nobody is pointing a gun to your head sayings, use flock as your default browser. thats the type of vibe im getting from many negative reviews. this nonsense has got to end.


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oh flock how i adore thee.

ok so we all have seen, tested, or know what flock is. now for the important topics I’m going to bring up and then discuss in later entries:
-why people hate flock?
-why some excuses are valid and others are not?
-who should really use flock?
-what’s its purpose when I can get some extensions in firefox that perform some of the features of flock does?
those are some of the majore topics I will hopefully be writing about in the next few weeks. This entry is on my view, and impression of flock in general. I have been testing it for the past few days and I will say that it’s unique in it’s own way but at heart it’s still firefox. Yes, I understand that it’s based on the firefox framework and is pretty much a wrapper with some very nice, interesting features but it is sitll considered as an independent web browser. This goes the same for many Mac web browsers. Browser such as surferdude, flare, shiira, sunrisebrowser, and others are based on apple’s web kit with just their own wrapper with their own ideas, features, and etc just like flock is. So I don’t hate of flock because it’s based on firefox at all. I don’t hate on anybrowser based on firefox as well as apple’s webkit. It’s stupid. I’m using flock write now to write this entry and it is a bit buggy and lacking some functionality in that department, but its better then doing it through firefox or another browser. Like the flock developers have said this is a developer release, personally I wouldn’t have released it If I were them but what’s done is done. I can’t even consider this and alpha or beta release because of the bugs, and problems I have encountered, but as a browser with the purpose of being and bringing blogging functionality, and social browsing fuctionality to a new level (if you want to say that) uhm yeah I can see how it is and is going to be great in that matter. I know there are extensions and outside applications that make the blogging, and working on your own personal web page an easier, faster, nicer experience, and flock does this with out extensions or outside applications, because once again as the developers have said thats what the intent of making it was all about. I’m still going to be testing it out everyday and using it for my blogs and web pages, but for now shiira is still my default browser. Tune in ……for the continuation of this rant, entry thing and the discussion of another topic of the flock list. (if anyone can create a better ending, by all means do so) leave a coment or something people im dieing here.

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Hello world! no its ahoy matties no it’s introduce yourself damit. Oh my God they killed…

Well uhm welcome! Yeah so to start this off I got this blog by invitation in an email a few days ago before the Flock developer release became public as I’m sure most of you already know this. Anyway to get things started I thank the Flock to dev team aswell as wordpress for creating a great application aswell as giving me a free wordpress powered site (original site is http://www.macpose.com) and I’m sure you’ve heard or read this to. So now for the real introduction and onto the next entry. My name is Jon Kantro, I’m 17, I attend NYIT-Manhattan, my major is Communication Arts (TV/flm), when I’m not doing something with my major I am probably listening to music or learning, Objective C programming, AJAX, or doing something else computer involved. Oh and to get this out there I’m a 100% mac user except for a few things. Whew got that done so more about me and less about me…no don’t try to sound cool now. (yes im trying to sound cool by putting these stupid tidbits in. sorry if they suck) I currenly live in NYC, NY with my brother and I love the city, the people, the dirty streets and subway, and just the overall filth of the city. Yeah thats pretty much a simplistic version of me so onto the the next entry.

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